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Forever memories.


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  • a lifetime of memories.

  • Special keepsake moments.

    A memory preserved.

  • A forever lasting

  • impression.

A unique keepsake frame.

Featuring a solid wood black frame and Makin's Brand clay, you are ensured that your memory keepsake will last a lifetime. One side for your photo or favorite keepsake ...

For your home or as a special gift.

... the other side showcasing your child or pet's imprint in Makin's Clay ®, a hypoallergenic non bake clay. Durable and long lasting to ensure a safe memory. Click on Gallery to view ideas.


Patented swivel turn face.

With a simple and elegant turn, each side reveals your keepsake. Showcase  photo, a child or pet's impression or other memorabilia, forever and ever.

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