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Your DOGGIE BOX Set includes each of the following:

  • Collar & Leash of your choice.
  • Collar Charm of your choice*.
  • Collar Scarf of your choice*.
  • The Deluxe edition includes a Makins Brand® Single Turn Memory Frame Kit.

To order your DOGGIE BOX set:

  1. Choose your style of collar/leash.
  2. Choose Regular or Deluxe Edition. (The Deluxe Edition includes a Single Turn Frame Kit.)
  3. Add your item to the cart. On this page, you will see ORDER NOTES. In this section:
  4. Type your choice of Collar/Leash set in size & color.
  5. Type your choice of Scarf in size & style.
  6. Type your choice of Collar Charm in size & style.

* - Please note. Collar Charm & Collar Scarf exclude custom designs or NFL teams. Makins Brand® Single Turn Memory Frame Kit only included in the Deluxe version.

Please contact us with any questions about ordering your DOGGIE BOX SET.

Size Guide

DOGGIE BOX Set Collar & Leash Sizes

For the DOGGIE BOX SET, please consult the sizing chart listed on the collar/leash you are choosing. Follow the reference guide below and please contact us with any questions.

Please note for proper sizing of your pet:

All dogs and collars are unique in size but to make your shopping experience easier, use our quick reference chart based on average breed sizes. Most will be able to fit into more than one size so ultimately, only you will know which size will be most comfortable for your dog from the measurements provided. It is strongly recommended that you use a soft tape measure to accurately size your dog.

Collar Measurement: Measure around the thickest part of your dog's neck, which is near the shoulder. Add another inch or two to the measurement to ensure a comfortable fit. If your dog is just a puppy, please go up to the next size since they will grow out of it pretty quickly.

Quick tip: Measuring your pet's current collar from the buckle to the hole used will give you a good indicator of the size you will need to order. Please note that these are guidelines only. We cannot guarantee any sizing will be accurate due to the many size variations within each breed.

Average sizing guidelines:

XS = 8-12'     S = 10-14"     M = 14-20"    L = 18-26"    XL = 20-28"

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